Our Vision for Children's Ministry

Age 4 – 5th Grade

Crossing Church adopts a "Family Equipping" approach to children.

A “Family Equipping Ministry” acknowledges that the primary place for discipleship is the Christian home. We recognize and affirm that the parents are ultimately responsible for the discipling of their children. Consistent with Ephesians 4:12, the leaders of Crossing Church will equip parents to disciple their children.

A family equipping ministry also acknowledges that the home is not the only place for the discipleship of children. One of the joys of being part of the body of Christ is being part of a disciple-making community. This community shares the obligation with the parents to disciple their children.  For this reason, Crossing Church will provide instruction and activities that a community atmosphere is well suited to provide.We believe the church family and the nuclear family working together create the best atmosphere for raising children.

To this end Crossing Church provides age-appropriate instruction for our children. This will happen while parents attend the Abide Classes. There will also be a ministry exclusively for our students. This ministry works hand-in-hand with the parents taking students through the same approach to discipleship that the church vision is built upon. From time-to-time the student ministry may engage in activities and events designed to reach those that do not believe the Gospel; just like the parents will. In the same way that adults will be encouraged to take advantage of their networks and relationships to spread the good news, students will do the same.

We will also be a church which emphasizes biblical manhood and womanhood.  Biblical fulfillment of these roles has huge implications on individuals, families, communities, cities and the world. Part of our witness to this community will be exposing them to what a family looks like when it strives to submit to God’s order. Men will be challenged by other men to embrace their calling. Women will be instructed through the model in Titus 2 to fulfill their God-given roles. Gospel-trusting, God-fearing families is one of the glorious results of the vision of Crossing Church.

We are a community of delight. This will be present in all our ministries.  We are a community that abides in God’s Word. We will abide together in a way that maximizes exposure to God’s word: through equipping families to disciple their children and age-appropriate instruction. We are a people who overcome. We will work together to lead our families into overcoming the evil one and the flesh which conspire to destroy them.