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How Does Crossing Church Do Discipleship?

Crossing Church takes seriously our call to love God (the greatest commandment) and make disciples (the greatest commission). Because of this, the vision of our church was developed out of a desire to obey these commandments. The three words that define our church also define how discipleship is done at Crossing Church.

There are three venues we believe are essential for living out this vision:


1. Worship Gathering

This is our weekly celebration where the entire church gathers to sing, pray, and submit to the preaching of the Word.  The preaching will lead the church to delight in the Gospel, to abide in the word through expositional preaching, and to overcome the unrepentant heart.

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2. Life Groups

Every member of Crossing Church is a part of a life group. These groups are the primary instruments of carrying out our vision. In these groups, disciples learn to delight together, abide together, and overcome together. Life groups are the venue where each member can obey the commission to make disciples. Ephesians 4:11-17 says that pastors and teachers equip the saints for the work of the ministry. The work of the ministry takes place primarily in these groups and in their engagement with the community and the world. Every disciple delighting, every disciple abiding, and every disciple overcoming, this is the vision and this is the commission of every disciple of Crossing Church.