What can you expect when you come?

Friendly people

Our vision is to introduce you to a community of delight and a people who overcome. The people at Crossing Church are from all walks of life, but we have all been shown how to live a life of satisfaction, a life of delight. We also are learning together how to overcome life's challenges. We have met a God who is in control of all things and promises us that he will fulfill us. 

Don't worry about dressing up if you don't want to. Some people like to dress up and others like to be casual. This isn't a priority for us, you are! 

A child-friendly atmosphere

We have a ton of kids! We love children and are trying to learn together how to be good parents, grandparents, and friends. We provide childcare during our worship service from birth through age 3. The rest of us worship together in the cafeteria. When you arrive, someone will greet you and bring you to our kids area and guide you through the check in procedure. Our check-in system and qualified child-care workers will make you confident that your children will be safe and cared for.  All workers have undergone a background check and have been trained on child safety.

Biblical teaching

We believe that the Bible is God's word for us. For this reason, we think the best message for us to hear each week should come from the Bible. All the messages come from the Bible and are taught in a way that will keep you engaged and make you want to go deeper. We ask the hard questions here. We go deep. We are a people who abide in God's word, mining the riches of what he has to say to us. If you consider yourself a spiritual person or just want a few more answers to life's tough questions, join us as we open this ancient and powerful book!

Diverse music

We are fortunate to be led by very talented musicians who love to sing about Jesus.  The styles of music we do are very diverse and reflect the diversity in our community. We make music infused with delight and sing words that are centered on the most important object in the universe: God himself. 

See you at 10:45 on Sunday morning! If you need any more info or just want to get to know the pastor, feel free to email us at crossingbardstown@gmail.com. Join our community of delight as we travel through this life together, following the God who made us.