What Are Life Groups?

Sunday's sermon is great, but I want the Bible to change my life even more. How do I make it real? What does it look like? Here at Crossing, everybody has a next step to take. Nobody has it all figured out. Growing people change and we all need to grow!

We gather at different homes throughout the week in order to talk about how God's word should change us. There's no pressure to chime in your first time. Just sit back and watch as we talk like family about what we're going through and look to the Bible for answers. We care more about who you're becoming than what you've done. Following Jesus requires us to make some difficult decisions. Let's do it together.

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Get Started

If you want to check us out, pick a day and call or email a group leader. Kids are welcome.


Location: Boston
Time: 6:30 PM
Leader: Troy Lawson
Phone: 502-718-0990


Location: Shepherdsville
Time: 6:30 PM
Leader: Brian Simpson
Phone: 502-609-5285