Movie Nights for Teens

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Movie Nights for Teens 
by Bob Smithouser

Movies are a staple of most teens' lives. Movie Nights for Teens: 25 More Movies to Spark Spiritual Discussions with Your Teen gives parents a fun way to connect with their teens. The 25 movies chosen cover a range of themes and story lines, and all of them will spark conversation. Each selection features a plot summary, engaging questions, Scripture applications, and more. From recent releases such as The Incredibles and The Lord of the Rings to vintage gems like Rocky and A Man for All Seasons, Movie Nights for Teens will bring families together to talk about movies, culture, and entertainment choices.


  • Christian perspective and analysis of 25 contemporary movies.
  • Continuation of a popular series.
  • Contains an essay "Why We Love Superheroes," along with two other appendixes.