Come to Me . . .

Sermon Passage: Matthew 11:25–30

Sermon Notes

Previous Generation: Found their identity in work.
New Generation: Finds their identity in fun. Work is an annoying thing we tolerate in order to get to what we want to do.

The world says better performance yields better reward. We're wrong to apply this to the spiritual realm, thinking that if we pray, read the Bible, or volunteer God will give us more blessing.

A life of trying to earn favor is a heavy burden. Jesus already earned God's favor. He tells us to take his yoke (burden) because the work has already been done. In the world, you still have to earn favor. With Jesus, the work is field has already been planted and harvested, and Jesus says come and eat.

We will never find rest without repentance.

If you think church is a burden of rules, remember that the demands you're putting on yourself are heavy. You're stressing yourself out and will never find rest so long as you are trying to find rest and happiness on your own. How is that working out for you? All Jesus asks requires of us is to seek more and more delight.