When Church Is Worthless

Sermon Passages: James 1:26–27, 3:5–12; Mark 7:14–23; Matthew 7:21–23; Hebrews 10:19–24.


Question: How do you know going to church is worth the effort?

  1. Religion is worthless when . . .
    1. You think you’re generally good — “If anyone thinks he is religious” (v. 26; see James 3:5–12 & Mark 7:14–23).
    2. Your words hurt people — “does not bridle his tongue” (v. 26; see Matthew 7:21–23).
    3. Attempts freedom through hiding instead of repentance — “deceives his heart” (v. 26; Hebrews 10:19–24).
  2. How do we avoid worthless religion?
    1. Bless helpless people (v. 27).
    2. “Keep oneself unstained from the world” (v. 27).
      Hanging around Non-Christians ensures your priority is the Great Commission instead of the world’s idea that we should “keep to ourselves.”
    3. Instead of excusing and hiding your guilt, repent.
  3. Challenge
    1. Are you in this for yourself or to glorify God?
    2. Do you hide from guilt or do you acknowledge that you are stained & need cleansing?
    3. The word that can change everything has already been spoken: “Finished.”